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Episode 2: Wrong Turn (2020) and Psycho Goreman

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Scott and I discuss Wrong Turn (2020) (IMDB) | trailer (Amazon) and Psycho Goreman (IMDB) | trailer (Amazon).

Wrong Turn


I was a fan of the 2008 Wrong Turn, and frankly disappointed a remake was made this soon. Yes, there were an additional 5 direct to videos that might be worth a watch if you are desperate for a horror movie, but I liked the premise of the original, come on, cannibals.

So we move to a much more kinder / gentler 2021 where eating each other is frowned upon and politics is the new horror. Yeah, I get it, I have seen all the Purges. But when you strip the premise of a film and rebuild around a new idea, here is an idea, call it something else.

Okay, that being said, there are some disturbing moments in this film, and you should give it a watch. It falls to heavily on the dumb West Virginia hill hicks’ theme, but there are some great payoffs if you give it a chance. The characters you really do not care much about, not much of a soundtrack, but there are a few silent moments that are dreadful.

Let me say this, the best part of this movie, the credits, and you must watch through the credits, my spouse and I thought it was the creepiest part of the movie, just watch it, you will understand what I mean.

Shying towards a Quiet Place, kind of in the middle of a Bird Box!


The trailer makes the case this is a sequel in the same world rather than a remake; however, this is a different movie with the same name as the 2008 Wrong Turn. There is little resemblance.

The music is nothing memorable. This movie turns into a political statement before remembering it is billed as a horror movie. Whatever statement it is trying to make falls flat. There are scenes in the movie that qualify it as traditional horror, but the gore factor is not what drives the movie. This drags on and gets muddled, but the credits are worth watching.

The story would not work without the characters making bad decisions. I would not recommend this to anyone, which makes this more of a Quiet Place than a Bird Box.

Psycho Goreman


Look, if you found a demon and could control that demon, and you were a sociopathic child, this is exactly what would occur. First off, I loved every single character, down to the over-the-top bratty girl. I not only laughed I laughed so hard at one point I had to pause the movie.

Watching a demon do the bidding of a child, while knowing it is all powerful, with the ability to crush worlds, priceless one liners. It was over the top, it was manic, it was worth the money, and if I had known it would be this good, I would have paid more!

The content is great, the graphics were great, the soundtrack was fun, this is one I am adding to my purchase list.

Total Quiet Place…Bird Box 15 light years away from this movie!


A new modern classic is born in Psycho Goreman. This is not a typical horror movie because the central protagonist is an unrepentant psychotic 10-year-old girl.

This movie is not over in the first 10 minutes because the characters make 1 bad decision and continue to build on it. However, making bad decisions is completely in character and works, making this quality not a negative for this movie.

The violence and gore are over the top but enhance rather than detract from the movie. There are great comedic moments, and the dialogue was well written. The demon gets the best lines. The ending is not what the audience expects. Despite a very small budget, the effects are effective and keep the movie from feeling like a low-quality horror movie. This is destined to be a cult classic. I am motivated to find other movies by the same director.

I enjoyed watching this movie, making this is a Bird Box and not a Quiet Place.

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