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Episode 1: Blood Fest and Wolf of Snow Hollow

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Scott and I discuss Blood Fest (IMDB) | trailer (Amazon) and Wolf of Snow Hollow (IMDB) | trailer (Amazon).

Blood Fest


Sorry not sorry, this was a damn fun horror film, and how it was overlooked, I am frankly saddened. I do not want to compare it to Cabin in the Woods, but let’s be honest, this is a lower budget Cabin in the Woods, and personally, I think it is as good.

There are enough turns and twists to keep you going, plus there are some true comedy gold moments which made me laugh out loud. It is rare to find a movie that blends so many horror tropes and actually makes it work, the entire Gypsy scene is now one of my favorites.

Come on! Some good blood, some great gore, solid comedy and an ending that will leave you wanting more, yes please! Closer to Quiet Place than a Bird Box!


Why doesn’t PBS already have a health sciences documentary called ‘28 Days Later’, the prequel to the infamous ‘Miracle of Life’?

If this was a Blum House movie, there definitely would be six prequels. Even with a small budget, this horror movie manages a unique approach with a mash-up of well-known horror movies, good practical effects, effective sets, and nearly good direction. I’d like to see more from these actors, writer, and director. There are no bad performances.

Is this a bit of a let down because the “Topless Girl Number Four” character just ends up being clothed girl number two? No, but I’d totally be one of those who gets taken down by the Vampire. Did Krill’s dreams come true? Did that scene hit the cutting floor? When is the sequel starring ‘Red’ coming out?!

Closer to Bird Box than a Quiet Place!

The Wolf of Snow Hollow


If this is comedy horror, I weep for comedy horror. Let us start with the sound effects, or let’s not. They are poor at best. When your soundtrack in the background is the key to a funny moment, then we are reaching into the laugh track sitcom, rarely works. Someone having a full-on rage attack, yelling at people, calling them names is not a comedy moment when you have built no background.

They start with a really weird premise, you get roped in, a potential werewolf which steals the sexual organs of its prey. Why? I would have hung out to discover what is going on, you had me at hello! It unravels from there, old sheriff, son who wants to be sheriff, turning back to alcohol leading to the not funny rage moments in the movie.

They try to build a gotcha ending, but it fails miserably, we do not even know the character, comes out of left field and that only works if seeds were planted, then misdirection, allow the seeds to grow behind the scenes then aha! You got me! Nope.

No character development, no blood and guts, rated R for language, Criminal Minds has more gruesome body parts.

This is the epitome of Bird Box!


Are all horror movies tragic? Perhaps in the sense people tend to die. Wolf of Snow Hollow is a tragic horror movie not because people are killed. This makes it an unusual movie where the Wolf of Snow Hollow and deaths are secondary to the primary story. Wolf of Snow Hollow uses elements of horror but the horror is not from traditional sources. I cannot figure out how the killings happened even after seeing the movie twice. The murders become a McGuffin.

Should I be laughing at or with the Sheriff? His scenes are not funny, but I eventually figured out they were not supposed to be.

There is a fantastic scene where the Sheriff tells his daughter exactly what the audience has been thinking in scenes like that from every horror movie ever made. What in the name of Jason Vorhees is she thinking? There is a serial killer loose but let’s go to lover’s lane. Do they not have Friday the 13th movies in this world? It’s almost like the writer is pointing out the bad decisions horror movie trope, but leverages it to try to develop the relationship between the Sheriff and the daughter.

Did I just admit I saw the movie twice? Well, the second time I was not quite as aggravated at the main character, the Sheriff because I understood the intent of the writer better. However, if I had been able to pay better attention to the movie the first time around, I probably did not need to watch it a second time to do this non-review.

Some good performances but movie makes little sense and that makes this is closer to a Quiet Place than Bird Box!

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